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The Project SEARCH Training Institute

The Project SEARCH Training Institute is dedicated to providing an outlet through which we can share best practices and new initiatives with our international network of program partners and with other professionals in disability employment and training services. Our goal is to provide the tools and technical assistance needed to maximize employment outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Training Institute's current initiatives include the following educational opportunities:

Reaching the Goal of 100% Employment

This training is a synthesis of lessons learned from 21 consistently high-performing Project SEARCH program sites. With funding from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF), we researched their best practices and discovered common elements in four areas:Teamwork and Communication, Intern Selection and Internship Development, Staffing and Staff Development, and Job Development Plans and Processes. We present strategies from these great teams in all four areas. We also include proven job development tools, and techniques that a traditional staffing company uses to promote successful interactions with local businesses. Many opportunities for interactive learning and practice are embedded into this training. Experienced and new Project SEARCH sites can implement these strategies into their own programs to increase their employment outcomes and overall continuous improvement.

Teaching and Coaching for Success

This training is designed for Project SEARCH job coaches and teachers who want to develop more effective strategies to prepare students to become independent and to do more challenging and complex work.Participants will learn about developing quality internships, enhancing performance through systematic instruction, employability skills and tools such as vocational training profiles, and productivity logs, matching teaching strategies to learning styles, effective communication with all stakeholders and developing a productive relationship with the host business. This training can be presented to groups by state, region or organization.


Lean in a Project SEARCH Environment

Lean is an outgrowth of the continuous quality improvement movement and works to create a problem-solving philosophy within organizations. An important Lean component is to actively look for and eliminate waste in order to have the most efficient work flow and final product or service.Using Lean principles, Project SEARCH employees can become part of the work solution, contribute to positive culture change, and add value in any work environment. The focus is on creating standard work, discovering the root cause of problems, and accountability in this approach that blends the needs of the business and the student while bringing value to both.

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