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How to Start a Project SEARCH Program in your Area

If you’re just learning about Project SEARCH, the first step is to contact us at

Once you’ve got a good grasp of the Project SEARCH model, the next step is to identify your partners. You’ll need to have these groups represented and on board to begin the program:

  • Education: School District, Career Technical School, Educational Service Center, etc.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Community Rehabilitation Partner (provider of job coaching and job development)
  • Long-term provider (usually a developmental disabilities organization that provides follow-along services)
  • Business (can begin planning before host business is identified)

The third step is to coordinate a local meeting with all the partners represented. Give an overview of the program and ensure support from all partners.

Once all the partners are committed, one agency needs to sign the Project SEARCH licensing agreement. For this, contact us at

A Project SEARCH team member from Cincinnati can present to your local partners to generate excitement and provide knowledge about the program. This session could be a presentation to the proposed host business and any other specific entity (such as the school board), or a meeting with all local community partners to provide education and customize a timeline to meet your needs and interests.

Once you’ve signed the licensing agreement, you will receive Project SEARCH materials and documents. You can utilize the Project SEARCH timeline and implementation plan to get started.