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Project SEARCH endorses these resources and tools and encourages their use--independently or in the context of the Project SEARCH program model.


Systematic Job Matching using the Vocational Fit Assessment and Job Matching Reports.

Job matching is defined as the collaborative, data-based decision making process used by transition teams to determine the best fit with respect to the individual's abilities and preferences as compared to the environmental and occupational demands of a job.

In collaboration with Project SEARCH, the Transition, Employment, and Technology Lab at The Ohio State University developed the Vocational Fit Assessment (VFA) to assess individual abilities and job demands. Based on data derived from  the completed VFA, Job Matching Reports (JMR) identify the pros and cons of each potential job match and identify areas of need suitable for intervention. Extensive testing of these tools demonstrated their reliability, validity, and potential to benefit key stakeholders engaged in the job matching process. The process of assessment using the VFA and job matching using JMRs is known as Systematic Job Matching (SJM): 

We strongly encourage Project SEARCH instructors to learn more about Systematic Job Matching and to use these tools.