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If you’re interested in attending a Project SEARCH program, enrolling your young adult child, or in helping young people with disabilities gain the skills they need to get meaningful jobs, there are many ways to get involved with Project SEARCH.

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Project SEARCH Instructor at UCHealth Colorado

Location: Aurora, CO
Organization: Jeffco Public Schools/Project SEARCH UCHealth Colorado (Visit website to learn more and apply)
Date Posted: 6/19/2019

ABOUT THE JOB: Project SEARCH is an employment training program for students with developmental disabilities. This Project SEARCH teaching position is based at UCHealth Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. The position is funded and supervised by the Special Education department at Jefferson County Public Schools, Golden, Colorado.

SUMMARY: Develop, implement, and support individualized practices for achieving learning outcomes for students with significant communication, cognitive, and/or social/behavioral needs, based on the requirements of Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA). Utilize evidence-based best practice and rely on frequent progress monitoring for programming adjustments. Take a leadership role in collaboratively problem solving interventions for students in Jeffco transition programs. An essential part of this position is to effectively organize and coordinate the responsibilities of multiple adults in educational and community environments.


Design and implement specialized instruction.

Develop community opportunities for young adults that are designed to help them transition into productive working and living        environments.

Instruct students in all areas of their IEP as directed; implementing and providing support for individual student schedules.

Conduct IEP and referral meetings, conferences, develop a multidisciplinary approach to the educational enhancement of the student.

Maintain on-going communication with transition team, students and parents.

Create a safe, supportive and understanding environment for young adults with disabilities.

Complies with Special Education and district policies and procedures (e.g., Medicaid billing, accident reporting).

Other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Hold valid Colorado teaching license with Special Education Generalist endorsement.

EXPERIENCE: Experience/supervised internship in working with severely/profound cognitively disabled children. Understanding/interpreting educational assessments and prescriptive teaching. Experience with developing appropriate materials, facilitating inclusion, creating and designing and implementing behavioral plans. Background in working with students with toilet training, and in working with students in wheelchairs, students with seizure disorders, and other physical disabilities. Training emphasis in LD/PC preferred.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Normal routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking, and may also involve above-average levels of activity at times that can not always be anticipated. Ability to meet physical needs of students.

Heidi Williams

Project SEARCH Employment Specialist

Purpose of Position: Counsels, advocates and assists participants in Project SEARCH DHS – VR program to achieve vocational goals they have set for themselves and improve their financial standing along with increased independence through work. This position also requires an understanding of the principle of the Independent Living (IL) philosophy, and a genuine desire to carry out this philosophy.
Position Parameters: Reports to Project Search Coordinator; Full-time; Full Benefits; Travel and Expenses Reimbursed; Salaried, Non – Exempt.

Minimum Qualifications:
A.Bachelor’s degree in a field related to the position or equivalent experience that would substitute for a formal education.
B.Working knowledge of, and experience with, the social and professional impact of disability on a family and a community.
C.Working knowledge of community resources for coordinating skills trainings, educational opportunities, accommodations of disabilities, and other resources needed for participants to be work ready.
D.Strong written and verbal communication skills.
E.Ability to advocate effectively and assertively with participants with disabilities and the community without controlling or inserting your own choices.
F.Ability to advise, encourage, inform, empathize and gain trust of participants and their families.
G.Ability to demonstrate creativity, initiative, strong and responsible decision making ability
H.Working knowledge of Social Security Work Incentives and the ability to provide accurate guidance in this regard to consumers and families.
I.Mentoring and advocacy techniques to help participants gain employment.
J.Ability to maintain professional boundaries with consumers and families.
K.Ability to organize time for maximum use of work hours.
L.Ability to ensure adequate recording and reporting of case management information.
M.Able to travel to meetings with participants and community entities.
N.Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software applications and able to use them efficiently with work responsibilities.
O.Ability to use the Internet for research and e-mail.
P.Personal experience with disability preferred.

Job Activities and Performance Indicators (in order of priority):
A.Maintain expert knowledge of and be able to provide information for benefits programs including SSI, SSDI, AHCCCS, Medicare and others utilized by Ticket to Work (TTW) and DHS VR program participants.
1.Pursue and remain abreast of advocacy issues related to employment and equal
rights for people with disabilities on both an individual and systems level.
2.Maintain a high level of visibility within RAMP’s four county service area so that
coordination and opportunities for persons with disabilities are at an optimum.
3.Attend and conduct networking activities with other agencies, service providers
and organizations to ensure consumer needs are being met.
4.Attend all Project SEARCH/VR trainings mandated for this position or deemed
necessary to provide premium, quality services to consumers.

B.Collaborate with consumers to provide employment services & skills training, including benefits counseling, problem solving and support to individuals participating in Project SEARCH and VR program.
1.Screen & determine eligibility for all potential consumers for RAMP’s Employment Services Program.
2.Conduct group and individual orientations to potential consumers who wish to learn more about RAMP’s Employment Services Program.
3.Conduct job readiness and other vocational assessments.
4.When appropriate, refer consumers to other community agencies or service providers.
5.Assist consumers with resume development, acquiring interview skills,
becoming familiar with social networking, and increase consumers abilities to market themselves
6.Provide consumer assistance, education, and monitoring to ensure that employment accommodations are achieved appropriately and to assure there is no employment discrimination occurring.
7.Make referrals to benefit planner when appropriate

C.Provide on-site individualized job training and supports to interns in Project SEARCH.
1.Provides individualized support for intern during the internship rotation in order for the intern to acquire competitive and marketable skills. This could include: Systematic Instruction to teach and break down tasks, building natural supports, developing accommodations, identifying appropriate assistive technology, etc.
2.Communicates effectively with Project SEARCH Instructor, other skills trainers, internship department managers /mentors, co-workers, family members, and school and agency personnel as it relates to the student being trained.
3.Perform specific task analysis, especially when student is challenged to learn and perform tasks to a productive and quality level.
4.Assist with completing the Vocational Fit Assessment to determine the abilities of the intern, the demands of the internship tasks and assist the team to make meaningful matches
5.Carries out steps of job coaching plan with students and other parties as appropriate.
6.Work with consumers, employers, families, job placement specialist, agency personnel, affiliate school personnel and other appropriate parties to problem solve issues related to training and employment.
7.Practice positive reinforcement techniques with students, co-workers, and other staff.
8.Trains students in the areas of grooming, hygiene, communication, interviewing, and behavior as they relate to successful employment.
9.Provides travel training to the host business and job site when necessary.
10.Communicates with Project SEARCH instructor to make final decisions regarding any issues that may affect student success at an internship or competitive job site. These decisions may be related to continued skills training, fading, behavior, job tasks, etc.
11.Participates in decision making process to identify and implement training strategies and/or services with other Project SEARCH staff and host business staff.

D.Assist in placement of RAMP’s Employment Services participants into competitive, community-based employment which results in greater independence and improved financial situations.
1.Ensures job placement goals for organizations is met annually.
2.Consistently monitor all job placements to ensure maximum consumer job satisfaction, successfully maintaining the position and upward mobility.

E.Educate the community at large and employers about RAMP’s Employment
Services Program.
1.Market RAMP’s Employment Services through media releases, service fairs, radio and television interviews, advertisements, etc., as allowed by available resources and success.
2.Conduct community presentations on RAMP’ s mission and services and the IL philosophy.
3.Collaborate and network with other businesses and organizations whom provide employment services to people with disabilities.
4.Maintain relationships with community contacts

F. Complete monthly paperwork and quarterly reports in a timely fashion as
1.Make sure that all necessary reporting is submitted at least monthly for reimbursement.
2.Make sure that quarterly reports (if pertinent to your position) are complete, approved by the Project Search Coordinator, and sent in by the 10th of the month following that quarter.
3.Assist the Project SEARCH Coordinator in the completion of all quarterly and monthly reports related to the Employment Program

Location: DeKalb, IL
Date Posted: 5/22/2019
Mark Spain